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Yesterday, the wandering circus with its show-ballet ‘The Testosterone Brothers’ arrived to the city. As a result, the highly impressed girls from the local cabaret troupe mysteriously vanished this morning, together with the brothers. That’s why we are actively looking for some new talents to shine. If lifting legs up to the skies and winking playfully all night long seems to be your calling in life while you are not allergic to champagne बुलबुले and $100 banknotes, you are warmly welcome to participate in our performance. Work experience is not required, and moreover all the artists will be provided with jaw dropping costumes and a year’s supply of heels and feathers. So do not waste your time, fill in the registration form and come to the casting with an activated deposit gift:
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जॉय कैसीनो में कैबरे रोयाल में एक्सएनयूएमएक्स फ्रीस्पिन अपडेट किया गया: मार्च 3, 2019 लेखक: डैमन
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