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यूरो 95 मुफ्त चिप कैसीनो अपडेट किया गया: अप्रैल 15, 2014 लेखक: टोबी सैंटोरा
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  • जेड वार्मन

    @floppy I rarely respond directly to you anymore as you tend to misconstrue my comments and take them as some sort of personal attack on you. We used to talk back and forth a lot but you are so angry most of the time now and I no longer know how to approach you without having you accuse me of something. or think that there is some sort of rising against you which BTW, there never has been. Did I mention your name&;.NO&;.I learned some time ago to never do that ! Perhaps you should send all those letters to Sydney&;.maybe he can change things to suit you. BTW, your notifications no longer show up to me but I came to respond to kriskros&’s notification so say what you will about me&;.I more than likely will not see it. I have tried many times to get along with you and have fun but I have failed enough times that I finally gave up